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Understanding Rental Property Insurance

Landlord Insurance
When you are a landlord, you are busy managing the responsibilities that come with your occupation. From making sure you receive payments to managing repairs on your rentals and interviewing new renters, you have a lot on your plate. The thought of dealing with insurance in the midst of all of this other work can be overwhelming, but ensuring that you have adequate landlord insurance can protect all of that time and money that you have invested into your properties should something happen to one of them.

What is Landlord Insurance?
Insurance made specifically with landlords in mind is a means of providing you as an owner from financial loss should a home, apartment or condo owned by you become damaged. This insurance will cover you should your property be damaged in a fire, break in, or be subject to severe weather. Insurance will also help you to avoid financial loss if due to circumstances outside of your control your rental is deemed uninhabitable.

What Will Landlord House Insurance Cover?
Several kinds of insurance are combined to form this coverage. Depending on the company with which you do business, one or all of these types could be involved:

Property Damage – With this coverage, you will be financially protected from damage that occurs to either your building or personal property as a result of a fire, damage from storms, theft, vandalism, or damage done by tenants. In the case of total loss, your insurance will cover costs associated with replacement.

Liability Insurance – Coverage that protects you in the event of liability claims or lawsuits that come from tenants, visitors, or trespassers who are injured while on your property. This will assist in covering any bodily injury claims, including any medical payments, funeral expenses, legal fees or settlement costs. This insurance will even provide coverage should you be personally responsible for the damage of another’s property. For instance, if you procrastinated in fixing pipes and they burst and ruined a tenant’s belongings, the tenant can file a liability claim against you.

Loss of Income – Sometimes situations out of your control can lead to your property being uninhabitable. Maybe a fire or storm leads to so much damage that no one can live in your building. In this case, your insurance company will assist with any loss of income that occurs while repairs are being made, allowing you not to lose any revenue you would have been collecting should the accident not have happened.

Optional Coverage – It is important as a landlord to discuss the potential of optional coverage. This may include guarantee insurance, rent guarantee insurance, natural disaster insurance, or landlord contents insurance that will provide coverage for items within the home that are owned by you, such as any furnishings, appliances or carpets.

Always talk to your agent about how you can compare landlord insurance companies to determine which aspects best meet your individual needs, as there can be significant differences in both coverage and cost between companies.

Who Needs Landlord Home Insurance?
While carrying this insurance coverage is not legally required, it is a smart financial move as a business owner. You work very hard to make your business profitable, if something happened to a tenant or your property would you be able to absorb the expense yourself?
It is wise to carry insurance when you do not live in the same building as your tenant, or if you have chosen to temporarily rent out your home, or an attached building with another person. While it is possible to use homeowners insurance for some claims, it is unlikely that this coverage will help you with damages to a rental property, unless the claim is for your actual home. However, it will not assist you with any liability claims that are brought against you.

How do I get Insurance for Landlords?
As an independently owned and operated insurance company, we can work with your interests at the forefront of our quest for the best landlord insurance. By working independently and not as a representative of a single insurance company, we are uniquely positioned to be able to get you a landlord insurance quote from several different companies, ensuring that you will receive the best, cheap landlord insurance that covers your needs while protecting your budget. The ability to speak to several of the best landlord insurance companies may take a lot of time, but if you have ever searched landlord insurance cost, you know that landlord insurance comparison of cost can be drastically different between various companies. When you allow us to search for the cost of landlord insurance for you, you are able to get back to the outstanding job of managing your properties. When you are ready to start your search for insurance, you can call and talk to our friendly staff, or request your landlord insurance quote online.

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