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Financial literacy is conceptually the foundation of financial awareness which is nowadays linked to such prudent behavior. To effectively manage your financial resources efficiently at a more personal-level is rather important using one’s knowledge and skills.

Making people aware of what they can do and what they can become by simply listening. With this, success eventually comes next. Having been made aware, one of the most over-looked part of financial planning is getting insured.

With proper knowledge, you would understand the need for insurance and what type of insurance fits your need. To make sure that Americans are reminded of the need to include insurance in their financial planning.


“Success could mean achieving life balance, maybe for your success is measured by the condition of your physical body, maybe your financial situation or wealth plays a part, whatever the case – WORK your ass off, never give up and remain persistent until you reach YOUR meaning of success!” – ctto unknown


We met a non-profit benefit corporation who provides financial education one community at a time, across America. Success is their mission. They may not see you anymore after a session but, YOU being there is already a success. Not only that, they care!

The Society for Financial Awareness have wide variety of members that conduct educational and informational outreach at no charge. Members are Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys, Insurance Professionals, Accountants, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Credit Counselors and Health and Wellness Practitioners that balances each event. They are well-known for having been able to work with prominent companies and organizations in the United States.

SOFA members whom are financial professional who volunteer their time pro bono on 30+ financial topics which are tailored to the needs of the audience.

The seminars they conduct are absolutely free of charge, and no products are ever discussed or sold. Members and presenters are not allowed to display or distribute any material that represents any affiliation or firm. These seminars are not sales events, but rather educational events that provide a foundation for individuals to assess their financial situation so that they can make proactive changes to improve their chances for financial success.


This one’s amazing!

Jim Chilton is Founder and CEO tells us something about the:

“8 Essential Financial Fundamentals often ignored by the Entrepreneur”


Talks about breaking away from the norm and doing better is a never-ending quest. These 8 Essentials of Financial Literacy for the Entrepreneur is not a potion for success. What they are designed to do is remind that special go- it-alone guy or gal to never let the Financial Fundamentals take the back seat to their Business…ever.



If you would like SOFA to host a FREE workshop at your company or organization, or if you would like more information about the SOFA organization, please visit, or contact Kristen at or at 425-615-1114.  A direct link to all of the presentation topics can be found at