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Flood Insurance

By September 20, 2013April 23rd, 2018Insurance

Do you know that your Homeowners Insurance policy does NOT cover FLOOD?  Those who do not live in a “Flood Zone” or “Flood Plain” often assume that there is no need for a separate Flood Policy.  But just look at what happened to thousands of Colorado residents who didn’t live in a flood zone and didn’t have any Flood Insurance.  They are now faced with huge costs to rebuild and clean up after the recent deadly and devastating floods that hit the region.   For most, the only options are to obtain a low-interest government loan or to pay cash out of pocket to repair/rebuild their damaged homes, repair/replace damaged personal property, and to pay for all the staggering clean-up costs.  Don’t be in the same sad predicament as thousands of Colorado residents…consider getting Flood Insurance…even if you’re not in a Flood zone.  And note that once a disaster strikes, there is usually a moratorium from insurance carriers, preventing anyone from obtaining new coverage for a period of time until the moratorium is lifted.  By then, it’s simply too late.