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Valuable Items Coverage

By October 10, 2013April 23rd, 2018Insurance
According to the latest government statistics, one in every six homes in the U.S. will be burglarized this year, resulting in an average loss of $1,675 per burglary. And this figure doesn’t account for the trauma caused to the victims. Our Homeowners/Condo/Renters policies offer comprehensive coverage, competitive prices, and great value, including flexible coverage options, such as our Valuable Articles Coverage.
We recommend this coverage if you own valuable items such as your grandmother’s silver, jewelry passed from generation to generation, art, or other valuable belongings. In the event of a theft or accidental loss, typical home/condo/renters policies don’t cover these precious items. You have 2 coverage options that you can add to your Homeowners/Condo/Renters policy:1) Itemized/Scheduled Coverage – covers the item(s) for its agreed value, no deductible, and provides broader coverage.

2) Grouped/Unscheduled Coverage – this more affordable option allows you to increase the blanket coverage limit for a specific category, like jewelry, silverware, stamp & coin collections, cameras, musical equipment, furs, and art. A deductible does apply, but the premium is lower.